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Somebody just left a comment on my latest Infinite fic and all it says is "Sungjong is hot." And it's probably the most important comment anyone's every left on any of my fics.

Sungjong is hot, y'all.

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It just blows my mind that this keeps happening--SM treats its employees like shit, so much so that the employees take legal action to get away from them--and yet the company (and the industry at large) learns absolutely nothing. They didn't learn anything from Shinhwa, they didn't learn anything from Han Geng, they didn't learn anything from JYJ, and they won't learn anything from Kris. Nothing's going to change at SM or industry-wide until the law forces them to change or until they can't make money off of mistreating dreaming young people, and I don't foresee either of those things happening any time soon. I'm glad Kris is getting out while he can. I'm sure he didn't make the decision lightly.

What I really want to know is whether the female idols are treated better or (more likely) they're treated so much worse that they have less leverage (emotional or otherwise) to leave when they want to. Because it's significant to me that only guys have gotten out.
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I'm actually writing the Myungsoo/Hongbin cowboy AU. And it has somehow exploded in my mind to become this huge 'verse and it's the most ridiculous thing ever and I NEVER ASKED FOR THIS.

The setup I’m thinking is: Sunggyu either inherited or bought a ranch, though he knows nothing about ranching (so Woohyun ends up doing most of the actual decision-making), and he and his kid brother Sungjong live in the big house. All the other members of Infinite and VIXX are the ranch hands, and Hakyeon is the ranch foreman. Sungjong and Hoya are clearly in love but haven’t actually gotten around to acting on that yet. Taekwoon is a horse whisperer (and Myungsoo is the other wrangler) and pretty much married to Hakyeon.

The next ranch over is owned by badass lady owner Gummi, who knows everything about running a ranch (and who really wants to have lots of babies and raise them to take over her operation), and her ranch a foreman is Ellin, while the twins and Soyul and the K-Much guys are the other cowhands. Sungyeol is obviously obsessed with Ellin but pretends she’s annoying even though she’s the one who can’t get him to go away. Sunggyu is pretty head-over-heels for Gummi, but it’s unclear whether she’ll ever give him the time of day, though she does thoroughly enjoy laughing at his complete lack of knowledge about absolutely anything to do with ranching. Cowboy Loki is definitely in love with her, too. Probably at some point, Soyul will turn Myungsoo and Hongbin into her boy toys.

Also, somewhere, the 9 Muses own and run their own ranch, and Ken cries and pops an unfortunate boner whenever he sees Kyungri the rodeo queen riding by on her horse. Hyuk has a ~thing for one of the others (Sera? Sungah? Both? Sam and Erin and Hyuna and Eunji are obviously married). Sweet farmer Shinwoo is courting Hyemi. Sungjong and Hoya are definitely both in love with Minha. And Dongwoo is dating tavern-owner Ailee, who owns half the town and never, ever has trouble in her establishment because she's faster on the trigger than anyone else in the West. Narsha is a brothel madam and makes Sunggyu cry on the regular whenever he goes to visit her, but he can't stay away. JeA is the crazy sheriff who forgets she's the sheriff and Gain is the schoolmarm who has a ~thing for Miryo, the deputy who really is the one who keeps the peace. Maybe Key is Narsha's second-in-command who doesn't take clients himself now, except for Woohyun.

This could potentially keep going forever. I HAVE TO STOP.

*goes back to writing ridiculous fic*
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I am trying not to get too excited at the idea of Prince Sungyeol being a lead in a new drama because we've had casting teases before and it doesn't sound like it's 100% settled and honestly I shouldn't let myself believe it until we at least have some production stills to confirm it, but I can't help myself from silent screaming constantly since I heard the news. Admittedly, part of that screaming is screaming NOOOOOO! at the idea of someone letting Woohyun act YAAAAAAAAY! at the OT3 possibilities with Sungyeol/Jihyun/Woohyun--who doesn't want Sungyeol in a Nam sandwich? BUT PRINCE SUNGYEOL. WITH A DRAMA ROLE. A LEAD ROLE, EVEN. I need this to be true so bad that it actually hurts.
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Key/Woohyun/Sungyeol prompts request! Canon, please! OT3 fic is desperately needed and, as usual, I guess I'll be doing it myself.
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what kind of camera does hongbin have????

[eta] also can you point me in the direction of some makeup-free pics?
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My flight got delayed, but I am finally home and wanted to check in. I know some of you heard the pit was crazy and it WAS, but I am unharmed, so nobody worry!.

My Infinite experience in one sentence, as summarized by Jessica: three hours of concert followed by six hours of meta.

Okay, I'm going to fall into bed now. More tomorrow!
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someone put me out of my misery

to make things a zillion times worse:

About the 'Vogue Girl' shoot, L shared, "I wanted to show Kim Myung Soo's [L's real name] comfortable and friendly lifestyle as a young man." When asked what was his best purchase he made this year, L chose the laptop that he bought for Sungyeol, showing his affections for his members.

While sitting down with 'Nylon', L revealed his ambition to get better with his photography hobby, commenting, "When I get older and gain more experience, I want to try shooting INFINITE's album jacket or do the designing for the CD. If I have a chance, I also want to try shooting a pictorial for the other members as well."

dreaming of that day, we should discuss which concepts we want to see the other members in when myungsoo shoots them.

i'm thinking sungjong as a joseon-era prince with loooong hair and the world's greatest haughty expression.

howon in tank tops and jeans all covered with grease like he's some kind of mechanic. also suits. also skirts.

prince sungyeol in knitwear. lots of prince sungyeol in knitwear.

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Jun. 20th, 2013 11:33 am
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while i didn't have any internet, i made a bunch of icons. some of them are really ugly. some i quite like. if any of you have the time/inclination to tell me which ones work for you (and possibly why?) i'd really appreciate it! you definitely don't have to be in this fandom to have an opinion on graphics.

Behind the cut:
61 Infinite icons


gyu 6sungjong 8woohyun 6

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Sometimes I really, really love life.
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SO. I am awake after a great night’s sleep and have come with my feelings re: the mv. I decided to type them up before I read anyone else’s opinions because I am all too easily influenced. But know that these are not set in stone: I reserve the right to change my mind about anything and everything. I will provide you first with MY EMOTIONS! MY EMOTIONS! and then with my actual thoughts. Just in case anyone cares.

cut for ridiculousness )
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Note: there is a real chance that in the course of this meta that I will betray my lack of gender/queer studies education (I’m so new to this world) and phrase something in a way that’s offensive and/or hurtful.  If that’s the case, I go ahead and completely apologize.  Please feel free to tell me what I’m doing wrong and to correct me in how to be more sensitive with my language.  I’m eager to learn.  (I also don't own any of the images, so I am not claiming credit for them.)

One of the things that’s fascinated me since I first got into kpop is the ubiquity of drag (or at least of males-in-female-costume drag).  It seems like every single male kpop idol has ended up in a dress at some point, dancing (or attempting to dance) to some girl group dance while the audience laughs.  And yet, for all that we see it so often, I rarely get the feeling that there’s anything transgressive about it.  The purpose of it always seems to be humor—and of the broadest, most obvious sort: the idea that there’s something inherently funny about a guy wearing clothes usually designated as female.  There’s rarely anything else going on, so when something else does peep through, it’s all the more amazing for that.

ya lee sungjong! )
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So y'all know [ profile] kwritten, right? One of the most delightful people ever? Well, she's been bringing an obscene amount of joy to my life recently because she's been writing the Crossover I Never Knew I Needed--in which the Infinite boys (and the miss A ladies) meet DAWN SUMMERS. Obviously this is a seriously cracky premise, but she does what I love best when it comes to cracky premises: she treats it entirely seriously. And it is beautiful and delightful and I love it. AND YOU CAN FIND IT HERE.

Now, I know that a lot of you love Dawn Summers, because I follow the very best people. But I imagine that quite a few of you will be put off by the presence of kpop idols. NEVER FEAR. You really don't have to know a thing about kpop in general or Infinite in particular to enjoy this story (the boys aren't kpop idols at all, actually, so it doesn't matter!). All you have to do is love Dawn. I'm serious. You can treat the boys like beautiful OCs and not even worry about it. Or if you want a crash course in who they are, you can go here (you do NOT have to read the whole thing, just scroll down to where I tell you about the individual boys, okay?). Let me repeat: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIKE KPOP TO LOVE THIS. Your love for Dawn will be enough. (And eventually there's going to be Spike and Woohyun broing it up and probably lots more interaction with Buffy and the Scoobies if I guess correctly and if Kels keeps writing for that long, SO THERE'S THAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO.)

Because the premise of this little verse is Dawn Summers Is Perpetually Surrounded By Sweet, Beautiful, Good-hearted, Dorky Boys Who Worship the Ground She Walks On. I'M SERIOUS THAT'S WHAT THE SERIES IS ABOUT. And what could possibly be more delightful than that? So consider overcoming your kpop non-feels and giving it a chance because I think you will love it.

Lauren out.
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I am back from vacation! And while it's nice to be home with my bed and my internet and my TV shows, it's also cold here and I do not like that one little bit after a week of lovely warm weather (on the upside: I don't have to slather on sunscreen in the mornings now. I managed not to burn! Just some freckles! Yay me!).

I had a very good time with my family and renewed my devotion to EPCOT. Harry Potter World is smaller than I thought it would be, but what's there is absolutely adorable. (Lil Sis is upset they don't make everyone wear robes when you go inside 'because then it would feel like you really are in Diagon Alley!') I thought of all of y'all while I was there. I seem to have developed planatar fasciitis over the course of the trip, which is NOT fun, but I'm hoping it'll heal up soon. Other than that, it was a great trip. :D

I read a couple of books on the drive back and forth and ended up sobbing my eyes out in the back seat of the car over Code Name Verity and getting teased by my dad about it. And I now have about 10K words of Infinite Star Trek AU fic because this is my life now. I'm all caught up on School 2013 for the new episode tonight and I can't remember the last time I watched something that put my heart through the wringer EVERY EPISODE like this. I watched White Christmas (the kdrama) over Christmas break and LOVEDLOVEDLOVED it (expect a rec post soon). My husband Dongwoo has pink hair and is starring in music videos with Hoya and being irresistible. And...that's pretty much it with me.

I hope y'all are all well--feel free to tell me about anything going on with you and also to link me to anything I missed. I missed y'all!
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Infinite Secret Santa reveals are up, so I can now claim the fic I wrote!

Title: raise your weary wings against the rain
Fandom: Kpop: Infinite
Characters/Pairings: Dongwoo/Woohyun
Rating: PG
Written for: [ profile] renichifreak
Summary: Dongwoo takes care of everyone, but who’s going to take care of Dongwoo?

fic is here
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THIS IS THE BEST OF ALL IDEAS. Basically it's to get us to share the things we love with each other: you make a wish-list of things you wish more people would watch/listen to/read/write, and then you go through other people's lists and say, "I can totally watch ____!" or "I will definitely read ____!" and make each others' dreams come true! Could anything be more delightful? Y'all should all head over there and join! And then come back here and read about why you should give these things I love a chance.


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