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[xovers] Because I like to mix and match.

Personal Canon
[Buffy Summers, Cordelia Chase, Elle Bishop, Hermione Granger, Inara Serra, Jackie Burkhart, Jenny Reilly, Jo Harvelle, Rory Gilmore, Tyra Collette, Veronica Mars]
[Buffyverse, Heroes, Harry Potter, Firefly, That 70s Show, the Black Donnellys, Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, Friday Night Lights, Veronica Mars]
Girls and their secrets.

[Dean Winchester/Veronica Mars]
[Supernatural/Veronica Mars]
"They both know life isn't sweet, and neither one of them believe in fairy tales."

The Fury of Jewels and Coal
[Dean Winchester/Lyla Garrity, Dean/River Tam, Dean/Cordelia Chase]
[Supernatural/Friday Night Lights/Firefly/Angel]
Three girls Dean Winchester will never understand.

[Dean Winchester, Matt Saracen, Buffy Summers, Malcolm Reynolds, Molly Weasley, Adam Monroe]
[Supernatural, Friday Night Lights, Buffy, Firefly, Harry Potter, Heroes]
Six kinds of heartbreak you never recover from.

Even Diamonds Do Not Lie
[Friday Night Lights/Veronica Mars]
Julie Taylor/Cassidy Casablancas
"When something becomes ash / there's nothing you can do to turn it back. / About this, even diamonds do not lie."

French Suite
[Draco Malfoy/Blair Waldorf]
[Harry Potter/Gossip Girl]
"I think that I think too hard."

[ profile] choco_cherries is beyond addictive:

All the Way Down
[Sam Winchester/Tyra Collette]
[Supernatural/Friday Night Lights]
"She can't help but wonder what he sees."

Tangled Up in Blue
[Cassidy Casablancas/Julie Taylor]
[Veronica Mars/Friday Night Lights]
She doesn't fit in in Neptune any more than she did in Texas, but then, neither does he.

After Midnight
[Dean Winchester/Lyla Garrity]
[Supernatural/Friday Night Lights]
"There’s no case in Dillon; this was supposed to be a quick stop for gas and a meal. But first there was the best pie Dean’s ever tasted, and then there was Lyla."

Rip Tide
[Dick Casablancas/Louise Grant]
[Veronica Mars/Gilmore Girls]
He isn't anything like the boys she's grown up with, straight-backed, clean-cut, buttoned-down boys bound for the Ivy League.

Live Wire
[Logan Echolls/Elle Bishop]
[Veronica Mars/Heroes]
After a while, he stops trying to see someone else when he looks at her (she thinkshopespretends).

Death Becomes Her
[Adam Monroe/Drusilla]
She could drink from him forever and he would never run dry.

Moonlight and Ash
[Spike/Veronica Mars]
[Veronica Mars/Buffyverse]
She has so many demons of her own that she isn't frightened of his.

Lessons in How to Live
[Jo Harvelle/Xander Harris]
He isn't Dean, and that's the first strike against him.

No Comfort Has the Night
[Lilah Morgan/Dean Winchester]
He doesn't belong in hell.

Cracked Lightning
[Charles Gunn/Elle Bishop]
He's done making excuses.

[Spike/River Tam]
It's always Slayers.

Last Kiss
[Eli "Weevil" Navarro/Blair Waldorf]
[Veronica Mars/Gossip Girl]
He swore--no more rich girls.

Skeleton Key
[Billy Keikaya/Dawn Summers]
[Battlestar Galactica/Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
There's no door she can't open.

Blood Will Tell
[Buffy Summers/Tommy Donnelly]
[Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Black Donnellys]
"We just keep running. And it's always blood."

Suns of a Thousand Worlds
[Dawn Summers/Tenth Doctor]
[Buffyverse/Doctor Who]
"She'd gotten used to the shadows, but she'd never accepted them. The suns of a thousand worlds and times? So much better."

Curves and Muscle
Logan Echolls/Faith Lehane
[Veronica Mars/Buffyverse]
"She doesn't fit in at all."

Spin Cycle
[Dawn Summers/Dean Winchester]
She's perched on top of a washing machine when the truth comes out.

Rebel Waltz
[Jenny Humphrey/Vincent "Butters" Clemmons]
[Gossip Girl/Veronica Mars]
"Tomorrow she'll probably shake her head at herself, wondering what she was thinking."

[drab/fic] Little slices of happy.

Battlestar Galactica: Paint by Numbers
[Helo/Athena, Hera]
[S4]’s war paint and finger-paint and what’s the difference anyway?

Buffyverse: Moon Walk and Moonshot
Two completely different reactions Spike might have had to watching the first moon landing.

Buffyverse: Three's Company
[Buffy/Spike, mentions of others]
Spike finds out that Buffy's been keeping things from him. And then Buffy finds out that Spike's been keeping things from her. Silliness ensues.

Buffyverse: No Escape
Buffy's nightmares materialize before her eyes. Spike tries to help.

Buffyverse: It Runs in the Family
[Dawn, Spike, Angel]
The vamps-with-souls should have figured out by now that Dawn Summers always gets her way.

Chronicles of Narnia: Cartography
[Golden Age of Narnia]
All cartography is politics.

Doctor Who: What Happens in Vegas
[Donna, Tenth Doctor]
Donna and the Doctor in Vegas? That's never gonna be good.

Dollhouse: War Paint
[Spoilers through 2.4 "Belonging"]
Prompt:when i was a young girl

Firefly: Unification
[Mal/Inara drabble]
She lets herself pretend that their worlds will meet.

Firefly: Ghost Story
[Zoe, Zoe/Wash, Mal]
Zoe has her own share of ghosts.

Greek Mythology: Foreshadowing
She's never been frightened of the dark.

Harry Potter: Lesser Sins
The waiting was the hardest part.

Mad Men: Shades of Red
[Roger/Joan, Roger/Jane]
Joan's the best damn ad-man he's ever met.

Misfits: Sugar, We're Going Down Swinging
[Simon, Alisha, Nathan, Kelly, Curtis. Mentions of Simon/Alisha]
[Written post-S2, futurefic]
You'll forgive them if they fancied themselves indestructible.

Skins: Spun Glass Heart
[Michelle, Michelle/Tony]
[Gen 1]
Tony was always the only one who could make her shatter.

That 70s Show: There Is a Season
This is summer.

The Vampire Diaries: Scylla and Charybdis
[Bonnie Bennett, plus Elena, Grams, and Emily]
She’s caught in between guilt and the righteous anger of the betrayed, and it’s a toss-up as to which one will win at any given moment.

Veronica Mars: Windswept
No room for secrets or demons to lurk, no cover for them to sneak up on you.

Veronica Mars: Highway Dreams
Down this open highway....

The West Wing: if you're a seascape i'm a listing boat
[future fic]
...but we got our sea legs and we're off tonight...

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