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Hello, Yuletide writer--

Another year, another Yuletide! Whether you're an experienced pro or trying out Yuletide for the first time, I hope you have a fantastic time writing. I always find that the writing is the most enjoyable, rewarding part of Yuletide and I hope you feel the same way. Thanks so much for agreeing to write for one of my fandoms! Of course you don't have to choose any of the prompts here, but I know they can be helpful, so I hope some of my thoughts below will inspire you.

청춘시대 - Age of Youth
Kang Yi-Na, Jung Ye-Eun, Yoon Jin-Myung

I'll be honest, the thing I really want for this fandom is fic that addresses Yina’s attraction to women—either Yina/Yeeun shippy fic or Yina/Jinmyung shippy fic or even an OC. In my understanding of the text, Yina is definitely a lesbian (though I would be fine if you want to write her as being bi). Yina is not a sentimental person--in fact, she can be pretty prickly at times, so I feel like she'd be really interesting to see fall in love. Obviously she's fiercely protective of anyone she cares about (nothing in the show made me happier than all the times Yina comes to the rescue of the other girls and is ready to fight to do it), but how else would she show her affection without losing her Yina-ness? I'd love to find out!

[Note: Yina's living in a homophobic society, so a certain amount of confronting that is to be expected, but I'd rather not have a ton of internalized homophobia for Yina because I just don't believe that it would bother Yina that much--it would be much more of an issue for Yeeun, for instance. Like I said, a certain amount of homophobia is understandable, but I'd rather not the focus be on that, you know? And I'd like a happy or hopeful ending if you go the shippy route. A happy ending does not necessarily require the characters in question to end up together, though I do prefer that they do unless you've got a great idea that involves them not ending up together.]

However, if you don’t want to write shippy fic for this fandom, anything involving any of the housemates' relationships to each other is great with me. Friendship fic would be lovely! I’d rather not have shippy fic focused on any of the girls and their boyfriends, but it’s totally fine to mention their boyfriends in the fic. I've only requested three of the girls, but please, please feel free to include Jiwon and Eunjae if you want! I love all of the girls. Same for the landlady.

Here’s some prompts, if you want them:
+ Fic about Yina realizing she’s in love with Yeeun or Yeeun realizing she’s in love with Yina (or both)
+ This prompt
+ Fic about the girls helping Yeeun deal with her PTSD
+ Fic about the girls learning more about their landlady
+ Fic about Jinmyung coming back from China and bonding with the girls again
+ If you want to go really far out, an AU where they’re all witches would be fun. Or one where they're a kpop group!

Radiance - Catherynne M. Valente
Severin Unck, Mary Pellam, Violet El-Hashem, Vincenza Mako

Radiance is a wild, weird journey and I love the world it created. Really what I want from this fandom is a deeper exploration of the movie-making community on the moon. I requested four ladies who are all involved in that world, and I’d love fic of any of them, but I’d also be fine if you want to create OCs (though I admit I want the focus to be on women). Basically Hollywood-on-the-moon is what I’m requesting—I’m very much a classic Hollywood fan, both the films and the behind-the-scenes world and adding the space opera element to it makes me too happy. Don’t feel like you have to imitate Valente’s style (that would be way too overwhelming for me to attempt), but if you want to, go for it!

I also want to add that one of the most interesting things about the world-buliding of the book is that it’s clearly a more multicultural 20th century: there are many characters whose names show mixed cultural/national heritage, there’s different countries colonizing different planets so presumably there’s less colonization on earth, there seems to be some level of interaction between nations to create space travel. There are lots of hints of alternate lines history has taken, so any of those that you want to explore is okay with me!

Prompt ideas:
+ Anything about Severin and any of her “mothers”
+ Mary Pellam establishing her career
+ A view of some of the events of the book from Vincenza’s pov
+ Something exploring the making of one of Severin’s films
+ So much of real-life Hollywood was influenced by 20th century history—films about the “common man” and also escapist screwball comedies in the 30s because of the Depression, war propaganda in the 40s showing up onscreen and the Canteen and male stars going off to war behind the scenes, the Blacklist and HUAC and conformity and consumerism in the 50s. Radiance is obviously operating in a very, very different timeline, so how would the different historical context affect movie-making? If there’s No WWII, no rise of the Soviet Union and Communism, what is there instead? How does the colonizing of the other planets in the solar system affect what is portrayed on film?

Shadow of the Moon - M.M. Kaye
Winter de Ballesteros, Alex Randall

I enjoy the heck out of all 600-some pages of this book. But I always want more of the Winter/Alex relationship, whether early friendship or later romance. I’m not picky in this fandom, really. Here’s some ideas:

+ There are some hints of Winter having some kind of supernatural connection to her mother—any fic exploring that would make me super happy
+ Post-book fic about Winter and Alex’s marriage
+ Missing scenes (at any point, but here’s some ideas: from when they’re living in the jungle, when they’re hiding in Winter’s cousin’s home, when Winter is married to Conway)
+ Maybe something with Winter and Niaz talking about Alex? Or Alex and Niaz talking about Winter? (I like Niaz.) Or Winter and her cousin talking about Alex.

For all fandoms: AUs are fine (but more of the "What if Character X met Character Y earlier/later" types, rather than coffee shop AUs or high school AUs or something). Anyone’s POV works for me. I do request that you try to keep the tone in line with the canon--like, don't turn Shadow of the Moon into a slapstick farce or something. You can pile on as much angst as you want during the story, but I do prefer relatively happy endings.

Some things I like: mutual pining, (post-)apocalyptic AUs, happy marrieds, couples who are good to each other, focus on female friendships, unreliable narrators, location/setting as character, good people trying to do the right thing, competent women, women mentoring each other, wordplay, hurt/comfort, minor character povs of our major characters.

Things I hate: cheating/infidelity, humiliation, embarrassing scenarios, fridging, broad humor, bathroom humor.

I don’t really want porn for any of these fandoms, though obviously it’s fine to portray that characters have sex lives. Just nothing too explicit please: I find porn boring, in general.

This might not be of use to you at all, but my tumblr is here in case you want to get an idea of what I'm into. (I write tag essays sometimes; hover over the post for tags to appear at the bottom.)

Thanks once again for writing for me! Happy Yuletide and happy writing!

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