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Hello, Yuletide Writer!

Thanks in advance for the story! In my experience, the writing is the most enjoyable part of the Yuletide experience, so I really hope that you have a good time working on the story.

I've included some specific thoughts below simply because I know that they can sometimes be helpful, but I will not mind at all if you ignore all of them and go in a different direction that I haven't suggested.

1. 닥치고 꽃미남 밴드 | Shut Up Flower Boy Band - Im Soo Ah, Kim Ye Rim, Kwon Ji Hyuk, Lee Hyun Soo - gen or Ji Hyuk/Soo Ah, Ji Hyuk/Hyun Soo and/or Hyun Soo/Ye Rim

Honestly, I'll be happy with anything involving any combination of these characters. If you want to write a character study of any of them, something shippy for Ji Hyuk/Soo Ah, Ji Hyuk/Hyun Soo and/or Hyun Soo/Ye Rim, or friendship or bonding fic for any combination of these characters, I will be deliriously happy. Or double-date fic, even! Feel free to include any of the other characters from the drama as I love everyone.

A few possibilities just in case you want more guidance:

+ Soo Ah and Ye Rim get to know each other
+ Hyun Soo actually interacts with Soo Ah and decides she isn't that bad (I love grumpy little Hyun Soo, but I want him to appreciate Soo Ah!)
+ AU shippy Ji Hyuk/Hyun Soo fic (I'd like anything shippy about these two as long as there's no cheating and/or bashing of the ladies)
+ Hyun Soo and Ye Rim try to build a relationship while dealing with the demands of idol life
+ Ji Hyuk and Soo Ah get to enjoy being a couple and maybe Soo Ah inspires Ji Hyuk's songwriting and Ji Hyuk inspires Soo Ah's art (anything involving Soo Ah's art would be fantastic)
+ AU where Ji Hyk and Soo Ah meet in different circumstances (maybe Soo Ah's still rich?) and of course fall for each other anyway.

2. Freedom and Necessity - Steven Brust and Emma Bull - Kitty Holburn, Susan Voight, Richard Cobham, James Cobham - gen or Kitty/Dick (with supporting Susan/James, if you like)

I'll be honest, what I really want in this fandom is fic about Kitty getting in touch with her mystical powers. Ideal would be a sequel where she uses them to find her mother, but anything at all involving Kitty and the supernatural would make me ecstatically happy. Here's some more suggestions:

+ Kitty saves her mother from whatever her stepfather did to her -- this involves much supernaturalness
+ Kitty and Susan friendship fic from their time together at school
+ some background on Kitty and Dick's relationship--how did they fall in love?
+ Kitty proves a spiritualist is a hack by using her real powers somehow
+ Kitty and Susan friendship fic from the future -- maybe epistolary like the book?

3. 20th Century CE RPF - Russia- The Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia - gen, sister!fic, family!fic

I just find the four grand duchesses fascinating. Their world was so insular and fragile, and I imagine that each girl knew that only her sisters could ever truly understand her. Olga and Tatiana are my favorites, so something focusing on one or both of them or on all four sisters would be delightful. Some ideas:

+ AU where they live (I'd prefer no stories where just one or two sisters escape. Save the family, please, or at least the kids!). I know the possibility of England was raised, so maybe they settle there and have to handle a much different life than the one they'd lived up to then.
+ From various things I've read, Olga was the one who saw beyond the borders of their world the most--she may well have understood what a threat Rasputin was, that revolution was looming, and then later that they would end up being executed, etc. It would be really interesting to read a fic about her being aware of/forseeing things that everyone else in her world seemed oblivious to.
+ Fic about the sisters trying to find reasons to live during their time under arrest
+ Just general sisterly bonding fic!

4. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015) - Gaby Teller, Illya Kuryakin - gen or Gaby/Illya(/Napoleon, if you want)

I just really, really love Gaby and Illya so anything that focuses on the two of them will be great, either shippy stuff or general friendship. Feel free to add Napoleon and make it an OT3 if you want.


+ AU where they meet as enemies and end up falling for each other anyway. Preferably with lots of denial and pretending to hate each other.
+ Post-movie case fic of any kind
+ A look at their romance from Napoleon's pov
+ I'd love some kind of fic where Illya gets brainwashed and Gaby has to get through to him somehow

5. Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater - Maura Sargent, Calla, Persephone Poldma, Blue Sargent - gen

What I'd most enjoy for this fandom is a fic focusing on the women of 300 Fox Way. Maybe about how Maura and Calla and Persephone became friends, maybe something about Blue being raised in this house full of women, or a backstory fic about any of them. Any of the guys can show up if you want, though--I love everybody. (One thing though: I don't ship Maura/the Gray Man so I'd prefer if the fic didn't focus on that relationship.)

[As a random aside, I know I didn't request these characters, but if you want to write Blue/Gansey/Adam/Ronan/(Noah) polyamory, I would be all about that.]

+ Fic about how the three ladies became friends and/or how they discovered they were all psychic
+ Fic about the three ladies raising Blue
+ Fic about how they all decided to live together (and invite all of Maura's various relatives?)
+ Fic about Blue coming into her own and getting her something more

For all fandoms:

Feel free to bring in any other characters from any of these fandoms. I'm fine with pretty much any genre, though a tone/mood that matches that of the original text is ideal. AUs are fine, but I prefer ones that are set in the world of the canon (for instance, if you were writing Star Wars fic, a fic where Luke and Leia grew up together is great; a fic where Leia's a regular girl working in a coffee shop on our planet...not so much). Please no character bashing of any characters.

I really like both shippy and gen stuff, and my absolute favorite thing in the world is strong characterization. I’m open on what kind of situations you put the characters in, so long as they’re true to themselves. I like plotty stuff and character studies, beautiful prose and experimental stuff, silly shenanigans and quiet moments—basically I'll follow you anywhere as long as the characters are real. If you keep that in mind, I have no doubt that you'll produce something I'll love.

I'm not a fan of too much smut--exploring sex or how it affects a relationship is fine with me for any of the fandoms, but please focus on the emotions, not the explicit physicality. And if you do go the romance direction, know that what I love most of all is people showing love in ways other than the words "I love you." Of course I'm not adverse to them using the l word, I just really like when there's some actions there to back it up.

Also, my tumblr is here, and if you want to wade through the madness, I'm sure you'll be able to figure out lots about my tastes. (Of special interest: here's my SUFBB tag, here's my Man from U.N.C.L.E. one, and here's my Raven Cycle one.

I hope this post is helpful to you, and again, I hope you have fun writing your fic! Thanks for writing for me and for having great taste in fandoms. Happy Yuletide!
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