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Hello, Yuletide Writer!

Thanks in advance for the story! In my experience, the writing is the most enjoyable part of the Yuletide experience, so I really hope that you have a good time working on the story.

I've included some specific thoughts below simply because I know that they can sometimes be helpful, but I will not mind at all if you ignore all of them and go in a different direction that I haven't suggested.

Nothing Much To Do - Beatrice Duke, Benedick Hobbes, Hero Duke - gen or Beatrice/Benedick
I love this series and I'll be happy with just about anything involving these three characters. I'd love anything Bea/Ben or Bea-and-Hero or even Hero-and-Ben. AUs, canon stuff, anything at all. Something witty and banter-y between Bea and Ben or something angsty or romantic. I will say I prefer something that doesn't focus on Hero's relationship with Claudio per se, but of course he's fine to mention. I also really love Ursula and Meg, so if you want to work some girls bonding into the story, that would be fantastic.

Snowpiercer - Yona, Grey - gen or Yona/Grey - My main thirst for fic in this fandom is for the train babies: what is it like to have lived your entire life in this train? To never know the world except snow and glaciers through windows? To live in that absolute of a class system? Yona and Grey are my favorites and I don't mind something focusing on either one of them ( or something shipping them, though of course there's no canonical evidence for that at all; I just like the idea) or both. Or all the train babies. Both Yona and Grey give me the impression of being feral in different ways--Grey in not talking and with his ease in killing (though he seems like he's a kitten who wants affection when he's not involved with violence) and Yona with her addiction and her clairvoyance and how she seems to have no relationships with anyone but her father. An AU where the the train babies are the ones to lead the rebellion or a sequel to the movie about Yona and Timmy surviving in the outside world--anything would be good with me. I just think there's lots to explore there, and I'm sure I'll enjoy anything you come up with.

The Raven Cycle - Maura Sargent, Calla, Persephone, Blue Sargent - gen, preferably - I actually love almost all the characters in this series, so really you can write whatever you want, but what I'd most enjoy is a fic focusing on the women of 300 Fox Way. Maybe about how Maura and Calla and Persephone became friends, maybe something about Blue being raised in this house full of women, or a backstory fic about any of them. Any of the guys can show up if you want, though--I love everybody.(One thing though: I don't ship Maura/the Gray Man so I'd prefer if the fic didn't focus on that relationship.) Oh, and I will definitely have read Blue Lily, Lily Blue by then, so feel free to include spoilers from that book.

[As a random aside, I know I didn't request these characters, but if you want to write Blue/Gansey/Adam/Ronan/(Noah) polyamory, I would be all about that.]

For all fandoms:

Feel free to bring in any other characters from any of these fandoms. I'm fine with pretty much any genre, though a tone/mood that matches that of the original text is ideal. AUs are fine, but I prefer ones that are set in the world of the canon (for instance, if you were writing Star Wars fic, a fic where Luke and Leia grew up together is great; a fic where Leia's a regular girl working in a coffee shop on our planet...not so much). Please no character bashing of any characters.

I really like both shippy and gen stuff, and my absolute favorite thing in the world is strong characterization. I’m open on what kind of situations you put the characters in, so long as they’re true to themselves. I like plotty stuff and character studies, beautiful prose and experimental stuff, silly shenanigans and quiet moments—basically I'll follow you anywhere as long as the characters are real. If you keep that in mind, I have no doubt that you'll produce something I'll love.

I'm not a fan of too much smut--exploring sex or how it affects a relationship is fine with me for any of the fandoms, but please focus on the emotions, not the explicit physicality. And if you do go the romance direction, know that what I love most of all is people showing love in ways other than the words "I love you." Of course I'm not adverse to them using the l word, I just really like when there's some actions there to back it up.

For some lengthy and much more specific insights into things that really do it for me in fic and things that don't, you can head over to this mess of a post, though you can certainly ignore that if you wish.

I hope this post is helpful to you, and again, I hope you have fun writing your fic! Thanks for writing for me and for having great taste in fandoms. Happy Yuletide!
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