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I'm completely serious about wanting to do some sort of White Christmas fic-a-thon. It sounds like there are a couple of people interested in at least watching it but they all want to wait till summer SO what if we did it like this:

Sometime in late June or in July, once people have had a chance to watch it, we have people sign up to write fic. No punishments if you don't write it, no word limit, and you can write anything at all you want to write. And if you don't sign up, but you end up wanting to write something, you can totally post it. The signups are more because sometimes you need that kick in the pants of I-actually-committed-so-I-should-do-this-oh-look-there's-a-deadline to get you to writing. Do we think this is workable? Even if we only got five or ten stories, it would still be worth it to do since right now there is LITERALLY NOTHING. (Except for Ranya's. Which is wonderful. But not enough.)

For those of you who like kdramas, WATCH THIS SHOW. For those of you who haven't had any interest in kdramas, I really think you'd enjoy it, so maybe you could give it a try anyway?

It's got a fantastic cast (for those of you who know any Korean actors: Esom, Kim Woo Bin, Sung Joon, Hong Jong Hyeon, Lee Soo Hyuk, Kim Young Kwan, Kwak Jung Wook) and great, great writing.

So the premise is that all of these kids are super bright (and each broken in their own way, though the fullness of that is only revealed as the show goes on) and attending a school for gifted students that’s way in the middle of nowhere. The eight of them get mysterious ~messages hinting at something dark and terrible coming and so they stay at school over Christmas. And get snowed in. And as it turns out…yeah, something dark and terrible is totally coming, but it wasn't what any of them expected it to be.

And the whole show is an exercise in showing that monsters are made, not born, and they’re made from choices, and anyone can make those choices under the right circumstances—anyone. It’s a psychological thriller where every time you think things are looking up there’s some new scary twist and the characters keep discovering things about themselves and each other they probably didn’t want to know.

And it’s close to perfect. Really. There are some holes in the very final episode, but they’re plot holes, not emotional resonance holes—a few of the details don’t make full sense in the logic definition of the word, but emotionally they make complete and total sense and when you get to the ending you realize that’s where you were headed all along, and it’s the only place it could have gone.

My only complaint is there’s only one female character BUT she’s amazing (actually, that's a lie, there's two, but there's only one in the main cast) and the male characters are amazing too and honestly it’s so good and you should all watch it.

Oh, and it’s only eight episodes, so it’s short. And here's a bunch of places you can watch it.

I JUST WANT TO MAKE THIS FANDOM A THING. If ever a show needed a fandom, it's this one. I want it so bad that this post isn't even remotely coherent. Picture me with grabby hands doing a Gollum impression because that's about where I am at the moment.
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