Jun. 18th, 2014

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Okay, so I still say the writing for The 100 started out really bad...but somewhere along the line it got better and by the end of the season I ended up enthralled. So come shout feelings at me and tell me what fic to read and tell me when the next season will be back. Random thoughts behind the spoiler cut.

+ At the beginning I felt like they were overwriting Octavia but she ended up becoming my bb girl

+ Also Raven. I sometimes feel like they push the sassy girl a liiiitle too far, but they did end up rounding her out more in the second half of the season so now I love her and want her and Clarke to be bffs and stop being awkward with each other over a bland guy

+ Also I think I do like Clarke, especially because I feel like she blamed herself for other people's choices less in the second half of the show

+ Bellamy gets to join my list of Obligatory Psychotic Jackasses That I Remain Fond of Even Though They're Kind of Terrible. List includes the usual suspects like Spike and Logan Echolls

+ Bellamy and Octavia sibling feelings, thank you writers

+ Octavia/Lincoln is the ship I am most invested in, so I was giddy when he ran away with her in the finale

+ Still not sure if I ship Clarke/Bellamy or if I just want them to be competent leader marrieds all the time without ever becoming romantic? I do know that HE FELL IN LOVE WITH HER WHEN SHE KILLED ATOM LIKE WHAT THE HELL???? And he sometimes looks at her with awe in a way that reminds me of like Buffy/Spike Veronica/Logan where the guy is the besotted one and in love with the lady's vicious side. I'm saying I think there's potential shippage there

+ But honestly I think the solution to everything is Bellamy/Clarke/Finn/Raven OT4. Like the ladies just share the dudes and then also end up falling in love with each other and everything's awesome

+ I can't figure out why I still don't care about Finn even though he was the one trying to make actually moral decisions in the second half of the season. I think something about the actor must not work for me? Because I feel like he'd normally be my moral baby?


+ Ellen Tigh, I miss your scheming face already

+ And I wish they hadn't killed of Charlotte so quick because MURDER BABY was interesting and also I had a soft spot for her interactions with Bellamy

+ What exactly are the Reapers? Slightly mutated humans? When they found that weird skull in the pilot, was that a Reaper skull? AND ARE THEY CANNIBALS WHO EAT PEOPLE ALIVE?

+ Not sure how I feel about the fact that apparently the Mountain Men have been hanging out with civilization all along. And why is Anya so convinced they want to kill everyone?

+ Like, I just am not sure how I'll feel about next season because I basically started watching the show for the post-apocalyptic survivalist elements because that is my JAM especially when it's teenagers in such an environment. If things get too "civilized" in the second season I'm gonna be sad.

+ Has anybody read the book and is it good?

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