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[Buffyverse] Television perfection.

In chronological order

Mult-chapter Works

Ars Poetica
[Written for: [ profile] seasonal_spuffy
[Buffy/Spike, cameos by Angel, Giles, Dawn, Sam Finn, and Gunn]
[S2 through post-NFA]
The story of her life with Spike, Buffy realizes, is written in poetry, not prose.

Love and Blackmail
[Written for: [ profile] good__evil's Art-a-thon; art by [ profile] amyxaphania]
[Dawn, Buffy/Spike, Andrew, the Immortal, OC Slayer]
"Love and blackmail are the gist of it." Dawn knows exactly what her sister needs in order to move on after Sunnydale--and exactly how to make it happen.

Infinitas Infinitio Infinitus
[Buffy/Spike, Angel, Dawn]
Learning to live is a lot harder than learning to die. And just when Buffy masters one, she learns she's a novice at the other.

One shots

Ministers of Grace
[Written for [ profile] good__evil's Art-a-thon; art by [ profile] alwaysjbj]
[Drusilla-centric, cameos by Darla and Angelus]
"Drusilla dreams of angels."

Scarlet and Midnight
[AU post-S2]
The world is remade in shades of scarlet and midnight, and all that's left is each other.

In Peace
[Buffy, Spike, Dawn]
[Season 5's "Spiral"]
"In peace there's nothing so becomes a man / As modest stillness and humility..." Buffy, Spike, and five minutes of peace.

Even the Demons Tremble
[Written for: [ profile] good__evil's "Love Is Everywhere" Challenge Entry]
[Massive AU]
In the end, it's only the ones of them who have demon in them who survive.

[Buffy-centric, Buffy/Spike]
"There's nothing tender about the night." Buffy is not the slightest bit in love with easeful death.

[Written for: [ profile] seasonal_spuffy]
[Buffy/Spike, Molly, Vi, Chao-Ahn, Amanda, Rona, Kennedy, Faith]
[prequel of sorts to Kaleidoscope]
Sometimes it takes an outsider's perspective to really see the truth of things. Other times...well, people do say that context is everything, right?

100 Strokes
[Season 7's "Chosen"]
She’d never offered him anything like that before, and it felt far too intimate.

Take Five
[crossover with Veronica Mars, Supernatural, Friday Night Lights, Gossip Girl, and Doctor Who]
[Cordelia, Cordelia/Logan Echolls, Cordelia/Dean Winchester, Lyla Garrity, Blair Waldorf, Tenth Doctor]
Five lives Cordelia Chase never lived.

The Silent Stars Go By
[December Challenge: Holiday Season]
[AtS S5]
She leans her forehead against the cool glass of the window and watches the stars.

Also Ran
[Cordy, Spike, one-sided Cordy/Angel and Spike/Buffy]
["You're Welcome"]
The not-so-original vampire-with-a-soul and the cheerleader-turned-vision girl flirt, snark, spill, and discover they have a few things in common.

More Than One Day
[June Challenge: Cordelia]
[Designation: Good Cordy]
There’s more than one front to every war, and somewhere along the line, Cordelia Chase became a champion.

"Can you tell me, is this love that I'm seeing?" One by one, the people in Buffy and Spike's lives try to add up the obvious.

The Worst Thing
They've always been able to bring out the extremes in each other, and even now, with two continents, an ocean, and an apparent death separating them, they still do.

Back Porch
Because somehow she always knew that if she could find her way back here, he would find his way to her.

Life in the Present Tense
"Open your eyes, boy, we made it through the night." This is Buffy, creating a life of her own choosing—with Spike’s help.

Ficlets and drabbles

Moon Walk and Moonshot
Two completely different reactions Spike might have had to watching the first moon landing.

Three's Company
[Buffy/Spike, mentions of others]
Spike finds out that Buffy's been keeping things from him. And then Buffy finds out that Spike's been keeping things from her. Silliness ensues.

No Escape
Buffy's nightmares materialize before her eyes. Spike tries to help.

It Runs in the Family
[Dawn, Spike, Angel]
The vamps-with-souls should have figured out by now that Dawn Summers always gets her way.

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