May. 3rd, 2014


May. 3rd, 2014 10:53 am
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So everybody's doing the AO3 stats meme, so I'll throw mine out there.

Top 5 by kudos:

1. On Hairpins. The only thing surprising about this is that it's managed to accrue so many kudos so fast (this was written this past December). It's a Yuletide fic--they always get the most hits/kudos. It's for a fandom (Queen's Thief) that is insanely beloved and it focuses on the main characters. It's shortish and very readable and really I'm not at all surprised it's at the top of the list.

2. Celestial Mechanics. My first Infinite novel to be posted to AO3 as it was being written and post-kpop people figuring out that AO3 exists. Looooong fic of many chapters plus lots of guests following it on AO3 equals lots of kudos.

3. they that go down to the sea in ships. Another Yuletide fic, this time for a beloved YA book (The Witch of Blackbird Pond. I was quite proud of it, so it makes sense it's at the top of the list.

4. the heaviness of all things. Yuletide, Luther, sociopaths in love.

5. how the heart approaches what it yearns. This was a Yuletide Madness drabble I wrote on a whim. When I wrote it, Downton Abbey S1 had just aired, everyone still loved that show, and everyone shipped Sybil/Tom. It was very zeitgeisty.

Top 5 by hits:

1. one more song about moving along the highway. This baffles me. It's a William Miller from Almost Famous/Lux Lisbon from The Virgin Suicides crossover! A CROSSOVER. The only thing I can think of is that people are looking for fics from those two fandoms and end up clicking on it? I have no idea. It's very strange to me.

2. how the heart approaches what it yearns. See above. And it's very short, which means people are more likely to finish it.

3. Celestial Mechanics. See above. I'd be interested if you could separate unique hits--I suspect it would be much, much lower.

4. Of Ill-Advised Imprints and Rather Fetching Ewok Queens. My first Yuletide fic. No surprise that over time it's managed to rise to the top--it's had the most time to accrue hits.

5. Commas and Ampersands. I had actually totally forgotten about this fic. My one and only Gilmore Girls fic. From 2007. I remember being totally, totally proud of it. (It's also how I met Izi, who was one of my first fandom friends on lj. HI IZI.) Apparently the Jess/Rory shippers are still out there. Who knew?

Things that are predictable: Yuletide and longest-fic-ever get the most hits/kudos.

Surprises: Crossovers and Gilmore Girls apparently?????

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