Apr. 30th, 2014

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I'm actually writing the Myungsoo/Hongbin cowboy AU. And it has somehow exploded in my mind to become this huge 'verse and it's the most ridiculous thing ever and I NEVER ASKED FOR THIS.

The setup I’m thinking is: Sunggyu either inherited or bought a ranch, though he knows nothing about ranching (so Woohyun ends up doing most of the actual decision-making), and he and his kid brother Sungjong live in the big house. All the other members of Infinite and VIXX are the ranch hands, and Hakyeon is the ranch foreman. Sungjong and Hoya are clearly in love but haven’t actually gotten around to acting on that yet. Taekwoon is a horse whisperer (and Myungsoo is the other wrangler) and pretty much married to Hakyeon.

The next ranch over is owned by badass lady owner Gummi, who knows everything about running a ranch (and who really wants to have lots of babies and raise them to take over her operation), and her ranch a foreman is Ellin, while the twins and Soyul and the K-Much guys are the other cowhands. Sungyeol is obviously obsessed with Ellin but pretends she’s annoying even though she’s the one who can’t get him to go away. Sunggyu is pretty head-over-heels for Gummi, but it’s unclear whether she’ll ever give him the time of day, though she does thoroughly enjoy laughing at his complete lack of knowledge about absolutely anything to do with ranching. Cowboy Loki is definitely in love with her, too. Probably at some point, Soyul will turn Myungsoo and Hongbin into her boy toys.

Also, somewhere, the 9 Muses own and run their own ranch, and Ken cries and pops an unfortunate boner whenever he sees Kyungri the rodeo queen riding by on her horse. Hyuk has a ~thing for one of the others (Sera? Sungah? Both? Sam and Erin and Hyuna and Eunji are obviously married). Sweet farmer Shinwoo is courting Hyemi. Sungjong and Hoya are definitely both in love with Minha. And Dongwoo is dating tavern-owner Ailee, who owns half the town and never, ever has trouble in her establishment because she's faster on the trigger than anyone else in the West. Narsha is a brothel madam and makes Sunggyu cry on the regular whenever he goes to visit her, but he can't stay away. JeA is the crazy sheriff who forgets she's the sheriff and Gain is the schoolmarm who has a ~thing for Miryo, the deputy who really is the one who keeps the peace. Maybe Key is Narsha's second-in-command who doesn't take clients himself now, except for Woohyun.

This could potentially keep going forever. I HAVE TO STOP.

*goes back to writing ridiculous fic*
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Title: we'll ride into the sunset like they always do
Fandom: K-POP: Infinite/VIXX
Characters/Pairings: Myungsoo/Hongbin
Rating: PG-13
A/N: I saw these pictures of Hongbinnie in Dallas and my brain went into overdrive. This is some weird, weird, weird mashup of Korean and Western North American culture. I don’t know don’t ask. And the title comes from A*Teens. I am so, so sorry.
Summary: The new cowhand has a smile that’s way too appealing for Myungsoo’s comfort.

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