Mar. 28th, 2013

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I know [ profile] vergoldung wanted to talk about My Mad, Fat Diary but hasn't felt up to posting about it, so I'll do it. In list form.

Things I loved:

+ Rae. Duh. What a fantastic character.
+ The direction. There's a lot of fancy stuff going on, but it all WORKS and isn't a distraction at all. Probably because it blends so seamlessly with...
+ The soundtrack. SUCH A GOOD SOUNDTRACK. I'd forgotten how much I love Oasis. But all of it fits the show so perfectly.
+ The handling of mental illness. One of the very best of seen. It was very clear that people involved actually had experienced mental health issues firsthand, because it was so very well done.
+ Complicated relationships. Not one relationship in this show is straightforward, really. Everyone hurts everyone else, everyone loves everyone else, everyone misunderstands everyone else. It's very organic and realistic.
+ The fact that every one of the characters look like a real person (and by real-person I mean 'hasn't been made-over by professional makeup artists/stylists). Even the characters who are 'hot'--Chloe, Archie, Finn the doctor, (and Karim!)--are all believably hot in a way that people in a small town are hot. Not perfectly polished and styled, but attractive. That's amazing--you NEVER see that, not even on Friday Night Lights where the main cast is all stunning. (Forever and ever in love with Finn's crooked teeth.)
+ Kester. I just really love Kester--especially the actor's voice. I would actually listen to audiobooks if he was going to read them.

Things I wasn't so crazy about:
+ I felt that it needed another episode or two to deal with somethings like the main romance, which I felt was too rushed (I LIKE Finn! I ship it! But I didn't feel like it was built up enough for me to really believe they were in love. Which is maybe the point since they're young and naive? IDK. You CAN make me love a ship in a matter of one episode--see Chris and Jal on Skins--but it's hard to do); the situation with Rae's dad contributing so heavily to what triggered her breakdown (again, it felt rushed); Chloe's pregnancy, etc; maybe get to know Trix, Izzy and Chop more.
+ Also, I felt like the finale went a little conventional? The It's-a-Wonderful-Life bit that turned out to be nothing at all was a great subversion (I knew it would end up being not real, but I loved it anyway), but the speech at the wedding seemed a little too scripted to me? Especially with the follow-up with Finn and I'M SORRY I DON'T BELIEVE THEY'RE IN LOVE YET. I don't know, I just felt like the finale was one of the weakest episodes. Things wrapped up too much? IDK.
+ The reminder that there really are teenagers out there who party like that (it freaks me out to think about it). And it's probably even more common in small towns in the middle of nowhere like that, because it's not like there's anything else to do.

The realism actually made it quite painful to watch sometimes--I couldn't just sit down and watch an episode, I had to stop the episode to recover after something embarrassing or painful would happen. That's a testament to how realistic the show is, I think (other than that, it really reminds me of Skins at its best, though Skins was never realistic about anything except human emotions).

I'm not madly in love with it in a flail and be involved in fandom sort of way, but I thought it was very well-done and I was really impressed. Though I will say that it needs warnings for triggers for things like self-harm and eating/body issues.

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